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Dec 11, 2008 9:16pm

Album of the Week!

Thanks to Eric for starting this brilliant tradition of having an album of the week on his Myspace. Now that I have stolen his formula of success, I can actually go back and review CDs that I could never critique in the professional print world right now!

From Dec. 7 - 13 only one album will reign supreme (on my iPhone) and this week, the award goes to none other than emo’s MOST poppiest band ever: The All-American Rejects and their sophomore album, ‘Move Along’. It’s only a coincidence they are releasing their third album, ‘When the World Comes Down’ next Tuesday!!!

As for ‘Move Along’, I have to give it up to lead singer Tyson Ritter and his voice for going above and beyond with sweeping choruses and anthematic rock ballads that are guaranteed to make a teen queen cream! From the opening hooks on “Dirty Little Secret,” Ritter seductively tells his confidante that he’ll “keep you his dirty little secret”. In an instant, the anguish in Ritter’s voice flourishes in the heavily orchestrated closer “Can’t Take It,” while this pretty boy bares his voice and his soul to an unknown lover who has tested his very last nerves. The songs in between showcase the tried and true cliche’s of pop rock anthems such as hand claps in the drum-heavy “Night Drive,” spanish guitar in “Top of the World” and of course, that rousing choruses bring ballads like “It Ends Tonight” to a crashing close.

Even though the Rejects have similar traits that can be found in other whinetastic emo bands such as Jack’s Mannequin and My Chemical Romance, the Rejects take the high school angst that makes these emo bands famous and they turn it into a solid, yet guilty radio pleasure fit for a ride out on the town or a night out at the prom.

No doubt, emotionally questionable teenage girls will eat Ritter’s crew and their sugary pop rock hooks, but beyond the sweet surface of ‘Move Along’, a deeper message of unadulterated affection and lost love rings clearly in the juicy middle.

Dec 11, 2008 6:55pm
Dec 10, 2008 8:08pm
Courtesy: Perez Hilton. Now that’s a bangin’ post baby body!

Courtesy: Perez Hilton. Now that’s a bangin’ post baby body!

Dec 10, 2008 7:50pm


Another week, another artist on top. The billboard charts are starting to look like a set of musical chairs.

This week, Britney Spears claims the top spot with slightly over 500,000 copies sold, knocking Taylor Swift and her tear-stained guitar to play the second fiddle to Spears ‘Circus.’

Spears will embark on a national tour starting March 3 in New Orleans, according to, and will conclude in Chicago on April 29. Let’s hope that we don’t see a repeat of her shaky performances overseas last week and on Good Morning America, cuz girlfriend needs to claim Madonna’s job as the Queen before any more baseball players, british directors and penniless (gay) fans feel the wrath of the Material One.

Well, looks like Spears and Obama have something in common: at least 4 more years. Rod Blagojevich, well, screw retirement, your future is pretty much figured out by now!

Update: If you haven’t figured out by now, I created this blog for the sole purpose of discussing popular culture with the world, which now consists of gossipy entertainment news and scandalous political news! Check that shiz out! I’ll be updating on the daily.

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